Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Wow.  How do people keep up with these things?  The past month has flown by.  Our baby's room is getting so close to being finished.  The walls are all primed, we just need to get the color on them and put in the carpet.  So ready to set up the crib and get things organized.  After my fab baby shower last weekend, I have baby stuff spread all over the house in various corners and closets.  (Thank you for all that came by the way.  My mom and sisters did a great job and I received many wonderful and much needed gifts for this little- or not so little- bundle of joy and backaches.)

I went in for my 34 week appointment today and everything looks good. The doctor said I am in no way going to be a lucky lady and have a 6 pound baby and that I will be lucky if he is no bigger than 8 lbs. (AH!)  No, no gestational diabetes or anything, just "good" genes from my husband.  Yes, my husband was almost 10 pounds at birth and put his poor mother in a wheelchair for 3 months.  I can't say I was any better, weighing in at over 8 and breaking my mom's tailbone.  Cross your fingers this baby doesn't rip me apart. Doctor did say that this baby could come any time now and we will not try to keep him in if he decides to come early.  Not too early though, there is still much to be done.  39 days and counting!

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